God Changes Not…

Way back in October 2011 I wrote a little about the hymn Ev’rything Changes that I sang as a very young child at primary school.

I don’t have much memory before 1985, the reasons for which I’ll relate another time, but one thing did stick. Every time we sang that chorus, Bernard Ward – our terrifying headmaster (who was actually a REALLY nice gentleman in the proper sense of the word) would emphasise the same point.

God changes not.

My life is in a transition at the moment. I’m writing this entry from a hotel in a town four days ago I’d never heard of (Colesberg, South Africa if you’re interested) on my way to take my wife for a job interview which, should she be successful, will mean moving away from Cape Town for a minimum six month period. In addition to this I’m caught in the throes of trying to formally register Eagle’s Wing Ministries as a legal entity Faith Based Organisation so it can grow.

In the last four months I’ve seen growth and had contact from more places than I’d ever had before, and from two countries I had to google to find out where they were! It’s exciting times as I can feel God leading this change in my life simply by being true to the call He placed in my heart 30 years ago.

I’ve changed a lot in 30 years.

God hasn’t.

Much in my life changed. Deaths, births, weddings, cancer, emigration to name just a few. But the call in my heart to make this ministry a reality has never changed because God placed it there.

I can’t do it alone, and I’ve had many offers from people all over the globe wanting EWM to visit or partner with them. Thank you all so much for those letters. I’m praying right now for guidance for where to step first is. I’m certain God has it planned, and has had from the beginning.

There are resources the ministry will need to advance – primarily able and willing bodies – so we can move together.

Eagle’s Wing Ministries is changing. We are evolving into the butterfly God made the caterpillar to become.

And what makes it possible is the unchanging nature of God.

We forget as times change and we see reality TV shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race and the Republican Party debates dominate the airwaves that people’s ideals shift. A political wind can decimate a Christian community – like ISIS has.

Pseudo-martyrs can turn people genuinely suffering for their belief in the Biblical Jesus into nothing more than a footnote on page 30 reporting their execution.

The enemy changes the picture we see. Remember the scene in the original “Matrix” film where Neo sees the cat and then sees it again because the Matrix changed something? What if our perception of reality is shaped by something other than our own experience. It’s been said that simply putting a film crew in with a combat unit changes how that unit behaves on the field. The pictures tell the story the editor wants to show.

We need desperately to return to the uncut raw footage of the Gospel. I don’t read Aramaic or Greek so I use about a dozen translations when I’m researching to find the whole meaning of a passage. The simple translation of a single word can alter the meaning of an entire phrase.

But God doesn’t change.

He is the same today as he was 2000 years ago on the cross and as He will be in 2000 years from now.

God. Changes. Not.

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