The Source

We have a “natural” instinct to go it alone. I say “natural” in the inverted because we actually weren’t created to be self-reliant. We were designed to run on God.

I’ts not as simple as it should be because we surrendered our true selves when Adam turned away from God and chose to rely on himself instead.

Our Natural instinct until that point was to turn to God. He walked with us in the cool of the evening. We talked with Him as friends. Adam relied on Him for everything. He was the Source for all our things to come.

We tend to overlook that nowadays. And by “nowadays” I mean since Adam, but it’s become even more prevalent in the last fifty years. Western society, which I acknowledge it may seem like I bash a bit, has single mindedly been eroding the certainty that had come prior to 1900, that God, and He alone, was our provider.

It really happened a little before that with the Industrial Revolution. Two World Wars later and two generations of young men decimated resulted in Fatherhood being lost for most Western countries. England, America, Germany, France, Japan (OK, Eastern, but with a hefty self-sufficient dose) all embraced the concept that we could choose our own destiny, which God says is true, but also that we could meet our own needs. We rushed in to do this, to fill the void in our heart. The result? “Free” love in the ’60s and the moral breakdown of society. It continued on through the ’70s and ’80s with Generation X – my own generation – a childhood lost to computers and despair. Drugs – legal and illegal – and sex became the tools of the generation, and we were followed by Generation Y who seem to be the pinnacle of selfish ambition. The wisdom of the older generation – people in their 50s and 60s – is disregarded at best. We need the wisdom to be put back into us from it’s real Source. God.

And the Bible makes it clear from Genesis to Revelation that all He wants is to be that source. For us to let Him be God in our lives and to look to Him for our solution and salvation. To allow us to be reliant on His goodness and mercy instead of relying on ourselves.

Being born-again means we recover our True selves, restored and established in Christ’s image, and releasing God’s power in our lives by doing so. But it’s a conscious decision we need to make daily. We must be able to put ourselves away and allow our own desires to be replaced by His vision for us. It’s a choice we have to make. To trust the Source we are plugged into and reject the old, sinful nature.

And we need to do it every day.

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