All Hallows Eve

Ok, so nobody uses the full name these days. Halloween has become something to be used to revel in all things not Christian, whether it’s ghosts, witches, vampires or politicians.

But in the Christian calendar it was once a memorial day, a day of preparation for 1st November – All Saint’s Day. All Hallows day.

Something to think of. It was a day that the church used to remember the saints and martyrs who had literally given their lives for the Faith.

Even the name “Hallows” is the same word Jesus uses in his model prayer. It means to make Holy, or set apart for God.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t let the kids have some fun tonight. What I’m saying is the adults need to think hard and remember where the day started. It had nothing to do with pumpkins. The candles lit were a symbol of the light of Christ. The saints were remembered and their sacrifice celebrated. Witnesses who had gone before, and even those around us now.

We are called to be a light to the World. Surely this festival should provide an ideal opportunity to do that? We should be remembering people like John Wesley, William Wilberforce, William Booth, John Tyndale who were mocked and persecuted so we could enjoy the freedoms we take for granted.

So just a short entry today. It’s not about pumpkins.

Be a Light to the World. Be the City on the Hill.

Take a Stand. It’s a challenge. It’ll test your resolve. I guarantee most people will laugh at you.

But they laughed at Jesus and His message too.

You’ll be in Good company.

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