Easter Tales

When I was at school we were taught about Easter & Christ from an intellectual perspective. Intellectual knowledge often prevents Spiritual Truths from taking root. I was thankful then that I already had deep roots in my faith. The intellectual part of my mind tried to drive my faith out.

The recounting of the events of Easter week are, from a “scientific” view impossible. Yet every argument I have ever heard against the resurrection is more implausible than the Resurrection itself.

The description of Christ’s execution is precise. Lashed and nailed to a beam and left to die by men who did this for a living. The Jewish leaders, desperate to prove Jesus wasn’t the promised Messiah, ordered the legs of the crucified to be broken. The soldiers, to prove that Jesus was already dead, stabbed Him in His side, causing blood and water to flow. In trying to prevent one prophecy about the Messiah from being proved – “These things that happened confirmed the Scripture, “Not a bone in his body was broken,” and the other Scripture that reads, “They will stare at the one they pierced.””John 19:35-37 (The Message)

The scripture predicts the Crucifixion in psalm 22, and the prophet Zechariah predicts the piercing in chapter 12:10.

Scientific arguments of the falsification of the accounts include the concept of Jesus was only in a coma and revived in the tomb, simply wandering out when he woke up. The physical beatings he had taken before the Crucifixion itself, followed by the cross would have rendered Him physically incapable of moving the stone from the entrance of the tomb. If he had moved the stone himself, the guards would simply have killed him where he stood and put the stone back.

Accounts of the appearances of the Risen Christ are recounted from sources outside the accepted scripture. Josephus, Pliny and other historians of the day record the message of the Christians being spread after the crucifixion. Evidence of the speed their message and influence spread is demonstrated by the merciless persecution and martyring during the remaining years of the Roman Empire until Constantine converted.

And yet today people doubt Jesus’ very existence, despite more primary source evidence for his life than there is for Julius Ceasar or any of the ancient Pharoahs,

Charles Baudelaire stated the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist. – And no, Kevin Spacey in ‘The Usual Suspects’ was not the original source of that quote.

If that is so, then he’s working on the second greatest now. If there is no Devil, why do we need a Saviour? If we don’t need a saviour, what’s the point in Jesus, and did he ever actually exist?

I am in touch with some people I went to school with. We differ in our respective beliefs. They, at best, describe themselves as agnostic. I don’t argue with them any longer. I pray that someone will be put in their lives who can show them the folly of their beliefs. I know that person is not me. Jesus himself said that a prophet is without honour in his home country. I accept this, although enough of my friends of my own generation have died now without, to my knowledge, accepting Christ’s sacrifice. It saddens me greatly as these were (mostly) people I respected at school – and there weren’t many of them of my peers -and I wish I could have done more to reach them.

Easter is the time of miracles, New life and power through Christ’s Victory over Death on the Cross, building up to Pentecost and the gift of living fire in the Holy Spirit to the believers as was prophesised by Joel.

I have in my home a cross on a shelf. It is the focal point as you enter our home.

It was Rene’s idea. A simple expression of our faith, more poignant now for us than other times of the year. She chose the cross because of the nails, and we placed a candle in front in order to remind us of the Light of the World.

You can believe what you wish about the Scripture. I will not try to force my beliefs on anyone. Read CS Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” or Tony Campolo’s book “A Reasonable Faith” for insight int a “logical” argument for Christianity, or get around people who live this life, spend time with them and see Christ in Action in our lives. I am not afraid to live my life as a Christian. I have flaws and I fail in more areas than I often care to admit, but my closest friends have seen me wrestle with fear, depression so deep it has almost consumed me, anger, apathy and all the enemy’s tools to the point where I have stood on a precipice and considered letting myself fall. Each time there has been a good friend to speak Truth to me (in fairness, usually the same good friend) and set me back onto the Rock of my Salvation.

I am truly Blessed to be involved with friends who can share my walk as a part of a fellowship borne through fire and battle in the Heavenly realms.

Any arguments you may have about the authenticity of the Easter story I’m happy to answer, asked in earnest. Leave a comment and I’ll reply. If all you want to do is to attack me personally, don’t waste your time.

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