Good Friday – Sunday's Coming

Good Friday is normally a day of great significance to me on a personal level. I normally spend it with family or friends. This year has been a bit different.

The battles my family and friends have been fighting are massive, and can appear insurmountable. There has been death, financial loss on a massive scale, severe illness and in-fighting within the family that has left division and wounds on both sides.

Hardly a way to begin Easter weekend.

I have spen the day asleep, sleeping from around midnight Thursday into Friday until after 6pm today. Now I find myself thinking about the year so far.

I am not happy in my job. It’s showing in my behaviour there. I feel it’s tie to leave in my heart but I see no clear path to move in. I hear no voice saying this is the way to walk in. Ironically, God seaks to me to give messages for my friends and family in encouragement.  Confirmation of their visions and dreams being from Him who made our paths, but not for myself. I can’t understand it. I habe no option but to concede that my own selfish desires are getting in the way. I look to my own understanding too much of the time.

A few years ago I had a near miss while I was swimming off a beach in South Devon. I love the ocean, and this particular beach is a great beach to swim at, no currents to pull you out to sea, just a gentle beach slope into the water. We swam out to a row of buoys and back then lay in the sun enjoying good company. It never occurred to me that the tide was coming in when we set out for a final swim before going home. We swam out to the buoys again, but the distance was much further. By the time we reached them I barely had the strength to hold onto the ropes holding it in place. As we set off for the shore again, I knew I wouldn’t make it. My breathing was laboured, my muscles screaming, and I couldn’t reach land. I didn’t have the strength for one stroke. Then a voice from behind me offered me help. A lifeguard had been watching over me and seen my struggle. Before I reached the buoy he launched a small powered dinghy and took a circuit round to approach me safely. I didn’t have the strength to hold the ropes on the side of the boat. I was heavy and exhausted. Easily the heaviest in the group (by over 25kg/50lbs). The rescue guard hauled me out of the water into the boat and took us back to land.

I feel a little like that now. Out of my depth, unable to pull myself onto the rescue boat that has come to drag me to safety. But it’s Friday.

Good Friday.

A friend posted a slightly fascetious comment on facebook which I take very seriously. Thank Christ for dying.

I agree. But not with the sentiment he made.

I see a truth in his statement.

Thank Christ for Good Friday, Thank Him for surrendering to death on a cross to save us. Our life-boat. For pulling us out of the the ocean of this world and setting us up with life.

Jesus died on Friday. But Sunday’s coming.

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