Bucket List

An acquaintance of mine recently published on his facebook status that he was one step closer to fulfilling his Bucket List.

There’s nothing wrong with that in principle, except it was the subject of his comment that made me start to think about it.

His Bucket List item was to see a rock group play live.

I thought about this for the last couple of days. It bothered me.

I have a bucket list. I didn’t think of it it those terms when I was younger, but it’s what it is. Places I want to go, things I want to do during my life. It never occurred to me to put a concert on the list.

My list includes seeing Everest with my own eyes, swimming on the Great Barrier Reef and exploring the Pyramids in Giza. I want to get a pilot’s license. I already saw Lions, Elephants & Rhino in their natural habitat, which was on the list.

The top of my list is simple. I want to raise a family, be a good father and loving husband to my wife and children.

My highest aspiration is to walk a closer walk with Christ. Daily.

To be so drawn into Him and His presence that I see through His eyes, feel with His heart, and do what He would do in my place. Heal the sick. Cast out Demons. Raise the dead.

I want to do what He did. To live my life wholeheartedly for God.

That’s the whole point, after all. To live – really live – we need to be one with Christ. Man fully alive and united with God through Christ more each day.

So every day I get closer to completing the only thing on my bucket list that really matters.