Walking through the Wasteland and fighting Giants

If you didn’t know from the titles recently, I’m a big fan of Bruce Wilkinson. I’ve been reading some of his books over the last few months, and recognising the Truths in them.

In particular, I’ve been reading 2 of the “dream-giver” series. The original, and also the one for couples.

My experiences in the last 10 years have many of the aspect of Ordinary’s life. I left my familiar country, travelled to a new place, enduring trials, experiencing victories and hardships and trying to grow closer to God through all of it.

Recently, well about a year ago actually, I’d started to feel a tug to move on again. My writing was a bit stalled, so I started this blog, and I’d finally completed the degree I’d grown comfortable studying for.

My wife and I started planning the year, what we wanted to do and where we wanted to be, and we pushed off. Immediately, we hit Wasteland. Problems and little issues started cropping up, and then we hit the Giants. To be more accurate, Giant.

We’d been planning many things for 2011, and what we ended up with has pushed it all backwards. I’m not going to go into all the details now, but the highlights have been losing health and financial security. It’s been nearly a year, and we’re still fighting them both.

But God has been good.

But God has been Faithful.

“But God”

Those 2 words have sustained me over the last year.

Joseph said them to his brothers. The sentiment is echoed through the sufferings in the entire scripture, Old and New Testament. “But God”.

The disciples were bailing water from the boat, But Jesus slept in peace. The friends berated Job, But God restored him. Saul persecuted the Disciples, BUT GOD broke through religious mindset.

Giants spring up everywhere. The spies went into the Promised Land and reported they were there. Joshua and Caleb waited 40 years to say “BUT GOD” and claim their inheritance, the only ones who saw slavery and fullness of deliverance.

Peter points out that “your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5,8). He’s a giant in many ways, but the authority he has is limited to what we give him. We can fight this giant by simply submitting to God and setting ourselves against him. He’s a toothless old cat, and we have to climb into his mouth and allow him to chew us.

It’s a hard reality, but our authority to overcome the giants really is as simple as that. In his books, Bruce Wilkinson has Ordinary slay the giants with nothing but a feather. Jesus said we just need faith as a mustard seed to prevail.

I’m still fighting giants, but I’m learning all the time. We all need to.

What are we waiting for?

I realised recently I’ve been stuck.

I get caught up in a concept, or a paradigm of thought.

In 2 Kings 7, there is the most amazing illustration of God Blessing a paradigm shift. Picture the scene: the city has been under seige so long the people have resorted to cannibalism. They are completely surrounded by perhaps the most powerful army in the world. At the city gate sit 4 men. Rejected by society, bodies being eaten away by an incurable disease, these men sit and wait for death.

Then one of them shifts the paradigm.

“Now four men who were lepers were at the entrance of the city’s gate; and they said to one another, Why do we sit here until we die?” (2 Kings 7:3)

They get up and go out to the Syrian army. Their reason? We’re dead anyway, what more can the enemy do to us?

The last few days I’ve been mulling this thought over and over. “Why not try?”

The lepers tried, and they brought news back to the city of its salvation by God. Peter tried, and walked on the water to Jesus. The shift in paradigm can change our lives.

Short tonight, maybe. Hopefully a dynamite package.

Why not try? The worst that can happen is you end up where you started.