Christmas Spirit

Ok, so it’s not an original thought for an entry on Christmas Day. I don’t care.

2011 has not been my happiest year. There have been some major upsets during the year, two in the last week.

In the end, the Spirit of Christ inhabits the day we call Christmas, and every other day. He infuses each and every moment to the level we allow Him to. I accept that this year I have limited God. Even today, I have limited how much He can give me. The Blessing He longs to lavish on each of us are beyond our dreams. His dreams are bigger than ours. His thoughts beyond ours. His desire to give to us far greater than ours to receive.

We hesitate to ask Him for things, yet He longs to give to us, just as a human parent loves to see the delight on their child’s face as the gift exceeds the request.

This New Year, 2012, (and what’s left of 2011) I’m resolved to be like Jabez. I will ask of God, and expect Him to answer. I don’t want to be wealthy or famous particularly. I enjoy my quiet anonymity for the most part in this world. But I want to be where God wants me to be. I know that means changing my thinking, and I know it may take time, but I resolve to place fewer limits on God from now on. I want to live in everything He has for me, and I want those I love to see that in their lives too.

Happy Christmas, dear readers. May God Bless us indeed, enlarge our circle of influence and territories. May His hand be with us, guiding us, and let us cause no harm.