Even When the Road is Darkest…

My wife and I have been going through a rough time this last year. Neither of us has had the fullness of health that we would like, but she has had far the worst end of it.

Following surgery last April she got an infection which her surgeon didn’t pick up. This infection spread through her body and began to break down the body itself. After five months she sought a second opinion, and was admitted to hospital for 3 weeks in an attempt to save her life. Thankfully it worked, although she is still far from fully recovered.

Our road has been very dark for nearly a year, yet Jesus has always been there to guide us. Just when we’ve needed Him the most something has happened in order for His Love to break through the darkness and pick us up.

Peter walked on water. He began to sink when he took his eyes off Christ. Physically I used to try to walk on water when I was a kid. Never once did I begin to sink. It was always “PLOP!” followed by “glug glug glug” as I went under. Even now, as an adult I don’t begin to sink.

I sink.

I float like a rock.

Like a rock wearing lead shoes.

You get the idea.

Spiritually things are different though. At my darkest times, when the road is at it’s most daunting and the waves seem like they will overpower me at any moment He breaks through and, like He did with Peter, halts my sinking before I can drown. He holds my hand and lifts me up until I am safe again.

When the road is darkest He is there walking beside you. No matter how bad things are, He’s there – waiting for you to ask for His help.

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